Glass ceiling, Baku 2020 - Jan 06,2020

Glass ceiling, onyx

In this project, presented in the figure, Glasstech had the task of affeching decorative glass with an onyx texrure to the ceiling with a metal structure, taking into account the interior design of the house. LED tapes were held inside the ceiling that when illuminated, gives the glass an effect that does not differ from the natural onyx stone. Details of the project are presented below:

  • Decorative onyx glass

Decoratiive glass with an onyx texture with a total thickness of 13 mm was produced. Since the decorative was made of tempered and laminated glass, when broken, glass fragments do not crumble in parts, but remain o the glass surface, ensuring safety

  • Metal carcass

The glass suspended ceiling was bolted to the metal frame. The metal frame, in turn, is attached to concrete using anchor bolts that can wiyhstand 4 times heavier loads.