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0 - Nov 01,2019

SAVOUR BOUTIQUE- Glass partition onyx

To decorate the interior of Savour women’s clothing boutique, decorative glass with onyx texture was used as a material for the partition and reception desk.

Decorative glass, Baku 2020 - Jan 15,2020


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Dining room glass and wood table

Our next product belongs to the furniture category which is carrying the very important value for Glasstech. The reason of this was that with this product we have been involved the furniture industry. We entered the production of a living room furniture for the first time.

Dining table, Baku 2017 - Jun 01,2017

Glass ceiling, onyx

In this project, presented in the figure, Glasstech had the task of affeching decorative glass with an onyx texrure to the ceiling with a metal structure, taking into account the interior design of the house. LED tapes were held inside the ceiling that when illuminated, gives the glass an effect that does not differ from the natural onyx stone. Details of the project are presented below:

Glass ceiling, Baku 2020 - Jan 06,2020

Code Academy- educational center- the project of glass doors and partitions

Code Academy, one of theGlass  leading courses in our country, has entrusted Glasstech with the project of glass partitions for the rooms of new training centers. In the interior design in the loft style, aluminum doors and partitions with transparent tempered glass were installed. Which gave even more uniqueness to the interior design. Project details are listed below:

Code Academy - Mar 01,2017


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0 - May 01,2019


0 - Apr 01,2018

ADA University - Glass railing with radius

As a Glasstech company, we have completed another project at ADA University. The main task in this project, set before us by the customer, was to install twisted glass railings with a width of 10 mm inside the concrete, as well as to install stainless steel handles on glass railings. You can familiarize yourself with the technical characteristics of the materials used in the project below:

Baku, ADA University - Mar 01,2019


0 - Feb 01,2018

Glass onyx ligh boks partition - Cafesity Wine

The project presented in the picture belongs to the Cafecity restaurant chain. The main goal of the interior design solution was to separate the room with a glass decorative partition. As a Glasstech company, we prepared a metal structure for this partition and installed decorative glass called “honey marble”. To illuminate the glass panels inside the frame, LED lamps were placed on both sides. Technical details are listed below:

Baku, glass onyx partition - Nov 01,2018


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0 - Aug 01,2015

ADA University - Glass facade railings

The project for glazing the edges of the balcony in the new academic building of ADA University was also implemented by Glasstech company. These glass railings, with a total length of 450 meters, are the only ones in our country in their segment that were made using different fastening technologies. Details of the project are listed below:

ADA University, Baku - Apr 01,2019

Elmler akademiyasi metro station

Laminated glass - Dec 01,2016


0 - Jul 01,2015

Black onyx in glass

The black onyx decorative glass was produced in our production plant and was installed in the flat having a spectacular interior design.

Baku - - Jan 10,2020

Kuba Asan Khidmet building

Despite the fact that the “Asan xidmet” structure is developing rapidly in our country, as the Glasstech company, we successfully completed the project, producing decorative glass for columns and transparent laminated glass for the railing in the interior of the building. The materials used in the project are listed below.

Decorative triplex - Dec 01,2017


0 - Aug 01,2019

National gymnastic arena - 2019

This project was installed and transferred by Glasstech company on the the eve of the World Gymnastics Championships in September 2019. The project consists of the following modules and was implemented in stages

National gymnastic arena - 2019 -


- Aug 01,2019

Glass partition - main office of Huner Group

The project order shown in the figure was assigned to Glasstech company by the construction company Huner Group. The project goal was aimed at glazing offices in the premises, the project was successfully completed, installed and delivered to the project customer. The main point of the project are listed below:

Baku, white city - Aug 01,2019

Ante Technologies LLC

Office design for Ante Technologies LLC

Septulum - Mar 01,2018


0 - Feb 01,2015

Memar Ejemi - metro station

Laminated glass - Oct 01,2016

Homebridge Hotel

Glass used on balconies at Homebridge Hotel

laminated glass - May 01,2016

Onyx Glass

LG - Jan 18,2018

Ritz Plaza

A distinctive feature of this project is the assembly of glass package used in the facade. Glass package were glued to the aluminum frame with special construction silicone. Project information is listed below:

Ritz Plaza - Nov 01,2016

Cabin for Aztelekom

Laminated glass - Jan 18,2018

Winter Garden in Shuvelan

Baku - Jan 01,2015