Printed decorative laminated glass

Print in glass

Glass and glass products of Glasstech company fall into 2 categories: simple and decorative glass.

  • Decorative glass - print in glass

The production of decorative glass goes through several stages. Print in glass also refers to decorative glass. Glasses with the texture of onyx, marble and granite – from the print series. Selling onyx and marble is very popular in the world, but we all know that stones are very heavy compared to glass, crumble and quickly become dirty over time, so Glasstech company has created durable, practical and impact-resistant alternatives. All types of simple and decorative glasses are 5 times stronger than ordinary glass, since all glasses are tempered and laminated.

  • Advantages 

 Glass has many advantages, and the most important positive character is that glass, unlike stone, does not change color under the influence of sunlight. Onyx glass suitable not only for designers, but also for architects, because glass and glass products of Glasstech company are easily used both in the interior and the exterior. The print series of decorativ glass includes glass with the texture of ony, marble, granite, agate and also organic and abstract textures.

  • Scope of application

 During the repair and construction of houses and apartments, decorative glass can become your assistant- number one, such decortive glasses are great opportunity especially for designers and architects who want to add even more uniqueness and originality to their design. Glasses in their constructions look more beautiful and complete, therefore, Glasstech company offers you glasses along with constructions.

Constructions with glass fabric: Glass partition, glass door (sliding door, hinged door), balustrade system, glass shower room, glass splash backs, glass wardrobe, glass column, glass ceiling, glass mural (TV background), glass table cover, wall cladding, pool lining, furniture cladding, winter garden and etc.


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