Baku, white city - Aug 01,2019

Glass partition - main office of Huner Group

The project order shown in the figure was assigned to Glasstech company by the construction company Huner Group. The project goal was aimed at glazing offices in the premises, the project was successfully completed, installed and delivered to the project customer. The main point of the project are listed below:

  • Glass type

Each 2600 mm high glass panel consists of 10 mm tempered and ground glass.

  • Aluminum glass partition system

Used lower and upper special aluminum profile, designed for use in partitions, gives a special charm and tenderness to the interior design.

  • Glass doors and stainless steel accessories

Glass doors and partitions are made of tempered glass 10 mm thich and are attached to each other using stainless steel accessories. The tempered glass of the doors makes it safe and protects againts shock 5 times more than ordinary glass.