Baku - Jan 01,2015

Winter Garden in Shuvelan

The project was prepared and submitted by our company in 2014. The objective of the project was to install a combination of glass and metal structures in an area of 48m2. The upper and side facade parts were installed with glass panels. The methods and materials used in project are listed below:

  • Construction and metal frame

The columns were made of metal profile supports and secured to the reinforced concrete floor with anchor bolts. The roof was woven from thick metal profiles.

  • Glass roof covering

The roof of the winter garden was made of aluminum profiles, covered with tempered glass bags. Thus, the isolation process occurs, it means in winter the movement of the cold is prevented, and in the summer heat is prevented. The lower part was made of tempered laminated (triplex) glass. This is the standard that prevents splintering of glass fragments during breakage.

  • Automatic roof tent system

Special rails were placed on the roof and an automatic awning mechanism was installed. This awning mechanism prevents the penetration of sunlight during the day.

  • Glass side facade

The side facades of the conservatory design were assembled using a very interesting product. In the glass panels, with a total thickness of 30 mm and an internal air gap of 14 mm, special blinds mechanisms were placed.

  • Aluminum entrance doors

There are 2 entrances to the winter garden. The doors installed in design of the winter garden, as well as the facade were assembled from glass packages, inside of which blinds are placed. The outer frames were made of aluminum profiles like Izosystem.