Glass Products

We are always proud to offer you different types of both ordinary and decorative types of glass. Our company, Glasstech, which has always been a leader in its segment in the local market, is constantly evolving to provide its customers with a wider range of capabilities, while increasing its product range.


We also present you the systems where the full range of producing glass products are widely used. Offering such systems as Office glass partitions, wall panels, interior partitions, glass railings, etc., Glasstech is always ready to offer its services in the field of installation and engineering.


Each projects we participate is unique to Glasstech. We present a number of projects, each of which has an individual approach and a unique solution carrying the core values of our company.

Each project is unique for us.

Welcome to our company!

In our company you will find answers to all your questions about glass and constructions with the help of our experts. Glasstech is not limited to the glass industry, but also helps to find innovative and creative solutions by adding its own contributions to all areas where glass is used.