Glass partitions

The use of office partitions- has a great influence on the creation of separate working areas in offices. The most commonly used glass office partitions in an office interior have many functions: a glass partition divides the office into small rooms, visually expands the area, makes the room spacious and bright, provides sound insulation and plays a direct role in creating the desired office interior, therefore there is a great demand in the world market on glass partitions. Glasstech company, which has over 100 projects for manufacture of office partitions in the local market, is one of the leading companies both a manufacturer and installer of glass office partitions. Glass office partitions can be of different styles, so Glasstech company offers dozens of different offers, taking into account the requirements of its customers. Office partitions made of tempered and laminated (triplex) glass are 5 times stronger than ordinary glass, which means that Glasstech company provides not only the of your interior, but also your safety.


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