Colored film in glass

Glass and glass products fall into 2 main categories: simple and decorative glass.

  • Decorative glass – colored glasses

The next series of decorative glass is a series of colored glasses. The rules of manufacture of such glasses follow the same processes as they agree for glasses with the texture of onyx, marble and fabric. Colored glass is one of the most original elements that can make the interior even more beautiful and positive. The most prominent among frosted glasses are pure white (extra-clear, extra-white, ultra-white and etc.) and milky white glasses (milky-white).

  • Types of colored glasses

Extra-clear glass is a glass with a very low content of ionic glands. The manufacture of such glasses is a very complex process, as it goes through several stages. Milky white glass is an ordinary glass with a high content of ionic glands and compared with pure white glass has a greenish-bottle tint. Among the frosted glass there is also black (blackout) frosted glass which is ideally suited to any interior design that uses dark colors. The main feature of black glass is its reflection which is why is often called “mirror glass”.

  • Scope of application

 Colored transparent and colored frosted glasses is very often used in the repair of houses and apartments and is also a favorite series of many designers and architects.

Constructions with colored glasses: Glass partition, glass door (sliding door, hinged door), balustrade system, glass shower room, glass splash backs, glass wardrobe, glass column, glass ceiling, glass mural (TV background), glass table cover, wall cladding, pool lining, furniture cladding, winter garden and etc.

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