In magnetic jalousie - the movement of the lamellas up and down or around its axis inside the glass is carried out by a magnet that is mounted on the glass, the system inside is driven by a magnetic chain. In such double-glazed windows, the lamellas can be raised and lowered, and twisted around their axis (this property applies only to jalousie). Maxima of the jalousies mechanisms: The minimum thickness of a double-glazed window is 32 mm (with a package of 4 mm + 4 mm). Glass thickness 6 mm: can be used in packages of 6 m2. Glass thickness 8 mm: can be used in packages of 4 m2. Glass thickness 10 mm: can be used in packages of 3 m2. The height of the upper frame: 5.6 cm. The parameters of the part attached to the glass: width: 6.3 cm, height: 3.5 cm, depth 2.5 cm.