Mebel series

Glasstech, one of the few companies in the local market in its segment, has created a new product, thanks to which decorative glass can now be used as an upholstery for furniture. Designers and architects can easily use such decorative glasses when repairing houses and other objects, because any interior can find an image of individuality, style and charm. We present our product, which is also interesting for thefurniture sector.

  • About product

By gluing single-layer decorative glass onto any furniture, you can give a new image to the furniture and refresh it with a new style. Since decorative glass is tempered, it is 5 times more resistant to shocks than ordinary glass.

  • Scope of application

Decorative glass can be used in various types of furniture. Fo instance:

  • Bedroom and living room furniture
  • Furniture in the hallway
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Tables and chairs
  • Bar table and reception
  • Doors and partitions