Loft style partitions

Partitions in the loft style with a light and unique appearance, which have become a trend in the world martket over the past 10 years, remain unchanged among partitions in interior design. Partitions in the loft style help to make the rooms spacious and bright, and most importanly, neat and compact. Loft partitons ate most often used in homes, offices, studios, cafes and restaurants, but when using them, furniture, appliance and all accessories should be perfectly matched and adapted to the loft style. The Glasstech company, which manufactures and installs loft partitons, offers its customers a variety of colored and simple laminated (triplex) glass. Tempered laminated (triplex) glass is 5 times stronger than ordinary glass, which means that Glasstech company provides not only the beauty of your interior, but also your safety.