Plant in glass

Glass and glass products fall into 2 main categories: simple and decorative glass.

  • Decorative glass – plant in glass

The next series of decorative glass is a series of plant in glass.The process of making glass with an organic texture goes through several interesting steps. Having placed a natural plant between two tempered glasses, the glass is baked and a triplex process occurs (lamination). To obtain the best effect special changes are often made to the plants. For example, the peel of each straw is cleaned and placed in a special order to make the straw look lively and effective.

  • Application in interior design

Plant in glass is ideal for those who want to feel the nature and admire it. Organic glasses can be used in all landscape designs for the repair of houses, villas and apartments. Designers and architects can easily use such decorative glasses not only in the interior, but also suitable for facade cladding.

Constructions with chameleon glass: Glass partition, glass door (sliding door, hinged door), balustrade system, glass shower room, glass splash backs, glass wardrobe, glass column, glass ceiling, glass mural (TV background), glass table cover, wall cladding, pool lining, furniture cladding, winter garden and etc.