Clear laminated glass

Transparent laminated glass (triplex) of Glasstech company goes through many stages.

  • How is triplex glass produced?

A transparent film is placed between two or more layers of glass and baked in the oven at high temperature. Triplex glass can be made of both tempered and non-tempered glass, but it is recommended to use tempered glass, because tempered glass is 5 times stronger than ordinary glass, and the presence of a laminate protects against flying glass fragments (broken fragments do not crumble, but remain on the film). In addition, triplex glass protects against the negative effects of ultraviolet rays (prevents discoloration of furniture, wallpaper and etc.), in addition, laminated glass also provides sound insulation.

  • Where is triplex glass applied?

Many types of glass used by designers and architects in interior or exterior design are hardened and laminated. Glasstech company produced all decorative glasses from tempered and laminated (triplex) glasses, to ensure not only your interior design, but also your safety.

Constructions with clear laminated glass: Glass partition, glass door (sliding door, hinged door), glass railing, glass shower room, glass splash backs, glass wardrobe, glass column, glass ceiling, glass mural (TV background), glass table cover, wall cladding, pool lining, furniture cladding, winter garden and etc.