Soundproof glass

The Glasstech company manufactures soundproof glasses that effectively prevent the propagation of sound waves and form a contemporary interior. Soundproof glass is a package consisting of two or more sheets of glass, Interconnected by one or more layers of EVA film (ethylene vinyl acetate). Such glasses improve the sound insulation of room and provide protection against ultraviolet radiation. Soundproof glass is made using EVA transparent film, as well as colored (opaque color and transparent color), and can also be used in decorative glass (with fabric, print, metal, etc.). Soundproof glasses are used in many areas and interior designs. There is great demand in the world for laminated (triplex) glasses, which have the qualities of soundproof glasses. Designers and architects can easily use such glasses in the interior as well as in the exterior.

Constructions with clear laminated glass: Glass partition, glass door (sliding door, hinged door), glass railing, glass shower room, glass splash backs, glass wardrobe, glass column, glass ceiling, glass mural (TV background), glass table cover, wall cladding, pool lining, furniture cladding, winter garden and etc.